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Dale J Miller launched our Colorado Springs Childbloom Program in 2004. It is the first and still the only Childbloom program of its kind in Colorado. Our students travel from the four corners of the Colorado Springs, from Woodman Park to Falcon and from Fountain to Monument to study with Dale and our Childbloom instructors.

The Childbloom Guitar Program is specifically designed to teach music skills to children 5 to 12 years. This gives students a strong musical foundation. Our technique teaches correct physiology and will enhance their ability to expand and explore the many genres and styles as they develop their taste in music.

I think this would be a good place to add some audio, maybe the parent testimonials from the WP site. 

We invite you and your children to enjoy a complimentary Childbloom lesson at our studio.  It’s a great opportunity for you to acquaint yourself with our Instructor and the facility. Email us or call us at (719) 573-0575 to learn more. We warmly welcome you to pay us a visit!


Our teaching times are from

2:30 - 7:00 pm, Tuesday - Friday, and

Saturdays from 9:00 to 3:00 pm  


We welcome Home-Schoolers earlier in the day. 

We will work to organize a class with you in mind.

Classes have 2 to 4 students in them.

The Maximum is 4.

There is a One-Time-Only $35 Enrollment Fee

- - - - - - - - 

  When you Enroll, you receive:

  1) An accomplished, trained and experienced instructor.

  2) The initial learning materials for home use.

  3) A subscription to The Childbloom Monthly Newsletter that 

      includes extra music, local events, and articles about raising

      a musical child.

Monthly Rates

Our beginning groups are actually BETTER THAN PRIVATE LESSONS! Why? The Childbloom groups are great for developing ensemble skills with peers. Our classes actually IMPROVE the retention of the student’s interest.


We group the students according to age and experience level. The Childbloom classes have been called ”learning in a positive, low-pressure environment” by leading child psychologist, Dr. Harold Grotevant. 

What styles are taught? 

Research confirms what our 36 years of experience tells us: that young children like what they can do, before they begin to develop their own musical preferences. Period. That is why we believe it is important to teach a skill of playing that maximizes the child’s ability, growth of sensitivity, and musicality. The Childbloom Method does just that. Our curriculum provides a progressive development of skills and our students will be introduced to different styles, and genres of music in our curriculum – such as folk, blues & classical. As their style preferences develop they will have plenty of ability and musicality to pursue their dreams.

Teach students to read music?

The ability to read music opens up the entire world of music to the student. Childbloom students learn to read music naturally with our specialized and proven curriculum.  Too many kids who really want to learn guitar, take lessons at the local music shop for months and never learn to even play a complete song or develop long-term skill. Beware of the music programs that teach through ”tab” or guitar teachers who cannot read music.  Our students learn how to read music in the context of fun, story and group playing. This is one of the ”secrets” of the Childbloom system. We hope your child can be a part of the learning.

Why Childbloom?

Experience what great music education and guitar instruction can do for your child’s self esteem. We’re scheduling classes now, so call us to ensure a spot. Childbloom has been an important part of many children’s’ lives.


Childbloom was the first national program to introduce young children to music through guitar. This ground breaking program is based on a curriculum based on the principles of Piaget. The curriculum is designed to cater to each student's developmental stage starting at age five. Children learn to play songs immediately building success and encouraging their love of music at an early age.

Much of the music is arranged in multiple parts, necessitating that the students learn listening and blending skills, confident independence and even using the fingers of the right hand rather than a pick. We prepare students to play any genre and style as their skills progress. Reading music and ensemble skills enable students to take music with them where ever they go. Recitals and other public appearnaces are encouraged, as they bridge their lessons with practice and performance.

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