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The Childbloom

Guitar Program

Enriching kids lives through music.

For information on Adult Classes in Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Harmonica, Fiddle, or Ukulele  - Click on the Dale J Miller icon.

Why is Childbloom Unique?

Enriching kids lives through music.

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Certified Instructor

Our Instructors must audition to be accepted into the Childbloom program, ensuring they are accomplished musicians. They know how to use the curriculum based on the principles of child development. So, you’re getting a skilled musician who knows how to present the material to your child.

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Background Checks

A background check is performed on all of our Instructors as the safety of our students is paramount. You are assured of getting a trustworthy, qualified Childbloom Instructor for your child.

Parents involved with Childbloom lessons

Parental Involvement

Our Parents are encouraged to attend each lesson so they understand how to help their child practice each week. This helps to ensure kids foster good habits and instills a love of music.

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Small Class Sizes

Our Small Class Sizes of 2-4 kids promote teamwork while allowing children to learn ensemble music almost immediately. (Private lessons are also available.)



Our Curriculum is Tried and True. It includes solid, age appropriate music instruction.The books & accompanying 

CDs, are specifically designed to support learning victories right from the start.

Affordable pricing


Our Price is right! In fact, the Childbloom program is one of the most affordable introductions to music through high skills (classical) guitar.

High Skills Training or Classical Training

"High skills" is the new name for Classical training. Why the Change? There has always been confusion between classical training and classical music or a classical genre.

When someone is classically trained in guitar that means they have learned to play multiple voices at one time. Our students are well equipped to play solo, and simultaneously develop ensemble skills (playing in a group). Because our musicians can play multiple voices they can easily play any genre or style of music. One important skill in classical training is reading music. With this skill, the mystery of any piece of music can be decoded, learned and enjoyed.

People think classical music was written anywhere from the 16th century to the 19th century, but in reality it is still written today. (Heard any good movie scores lately?) It is just one of many types of music that Childbloomers learn to play. Children tend to enjoy music they find success playing, including classical music.


I have been working with Dale for almost twelve years and I've only seen positives since starting in the Childbloom program. The techniques and knowledge I've developed from Childbloom have branched out to other instruments I've picked up. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to learn, not just classical guitar, but guitar in general as I find the classical technique lays the structure to build . . . from other instruments and other musical styles.          

                                                                Drew Rugg,

                a former Childbloomer

                     a current adult student

Childbloom of Colorado Springs is a wonderful place for kids to learn how to guitar! We've been coming for lessons for almost 4 years now and our kids have learned so much about music and the mechanics of plaing the guitar. 

The instructors, Dale and Neil, are terrific with kids - very patient and encouraging. We'd highly recommend Childbloom!

             Kathy & Pat


             Colorado Springs

Over the course of Dale's long career he has studied with some amazing guitarists.

One of these Guitar Masters, Hector Garcia, did a workshop and played a concert at the Dale J Miller Center of Guitar Studies. What a great opportunity the Childbloom students had, to meet, play for, and interact  with such an amazing Maestro.

At 86 Hector played beautifully. He had the audience and the kids enchanted with his music.

Hector Garcia with Childbloom of Colorado Student

Earlier this year Master Guitarist Hector Garcia met with some of the Childbloom Guitar Ensemble kids prior to his concert at the Dale J Miller Center for Guitar Studies.

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